Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Southern Ocean Poem

On the of the scientists (Paul Brewin) on board wrote an awesome poem about being on the JCR. And here it is....

JR262 Darwin cruise, thanks JCR, etc., etc.

In a wind-swept Falk-land,
The JCR is poised,
For a Voyage, a Journey,
A Darwin adventure!
South Georgia, 2011!
Full steam ahead for diversity uncharted,
The spined and the spineless are our targets.

Enter the vast Southern watery nation,
A gravity of waves and winds and fear,
And heavy with the imaginations of
Petrel’s, Prions, and the Wanderer’s eye,
Waves of Hello’s and waves of Good-bye’s,
A ghostly ‘berg, bold in her journey,
A frozen ambassador of the brave and other-worldly.

Like children over a rock pool we hover,
Sleeves rolled up, plunging in with arms and eyes and ears,
Innocent and unknowing in what we’ll discover,
This pool is deep – chalkly blue to inky black,
Agassiz, EBS, and box core grabs,
Helpless are the seastars, sponges and crabs,
Our apologies please, to your sisters and brothers,
But it is our contention that you are like no other.

What is the draw of the Southern Ocean?
Is it its rhythm, its tune, its story, its rhyme?
To flee the confine of our own wavy world and wavy times?
Whether a primeval connection,
Or unearthly devotion,
It’s the Southern Horizon that captures our stare,
And forever the JCR will take us there. 

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