Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back to Bird Island

So after a very busy, yet successful week of science (i.e. trawling for benthic animals), we headed back to Bird Island Research station to finish delivering cargo since the weather forecast was looking up. 

We went ashore at about 8am and the weather was stunning all day long.  Lots of sun and it was so warm the tussock grass was steaming.  In between cargo runs, we had the chance to head up to Wander’s ridge to get a glimpse of the Wandering Albatross chicks! The chicks are bigger than turkeys and are so cute, clumsy on their feet, and silly.  They can weigh up to 35 lbs!  They are over 200 days old and are getting ready to fledge.  As an adult, Wandering Albatrosses have the longest wingspan of any bird.  They will return to the colony in about 15 years and will find a mate to keep for life. 

There were also lots of smelly Gentoo penguins hopping about and territorial male fur seals barking and chasing anyone in their way.  

Today we start back for a more week of trawling and collecting!
up at Wander's Ridge

Bird Island Reseach Station

Gentoo Penguin

South Georgia Ducks

Wandering Albatross chick!


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