Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to KEP

King Edward Point
Yesterday we went back to King Edward Point on South Georgia to drop off a few people from the science team.   The weather was awesome.  Aside from the snowy mountain caps, one could easily be fooled into thinking we were somewhere tropical.  The water was bright Caribbean green!   

Over the mountain tops we had rare, yet stunning view of lenticular clouds! They look like UFO’s hovering over the mountains.
lenticular clouds

Currently we are headed towards Signy Island, a summer British base.  Signy is one of the South Orkney Islands, just north of the Weddle Sea.  so we are crossing the Polar convergence and headed to the ‘proper’ Antarctic.   Today, the weather is not near as nice… I awoke several times last night to all of the furniture flying across the room.  We are in open waters close to the Drake Passage and are experiencing some big waves!  Now the cruise feels more like a real ‘Antarctic’ trip.  

Click here for more info on Signy.  

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