Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Departure from the Falklands

After a few days of long travel, I arrived safe and sound Saturday afternoon in the Falkland Islands.  The ship’s departure was delayed a day, so we had all of Sunday to roam around.  We decided to walk along the coast line in search of a Gentoo penguin colony. Along the way, we came across Bertha’s Beach, which is a beautiful, white sandy, almost tropical-looking beach.  Then, after gathering a few limpet shells and other treasures, we carried on admiring geese, sheep, and awesomely scrubby plants.

Eventually we stumbled across the colony of hundreds of Gentoo’s!  As soon as we entered the colony, I knew it was one of the Gentoo colonies I visited last time I was in the Falklands (but by land rover).  They are still just as cuteand just as smelly!!      

We left Mare Harbour Monday morning for about 3 day journey to Bird Island.  Once we are there we have two days of relief work and unloading supplies before we can start our sampling.  The ship is packed to the brim with supplies and people because the JCR is first call back to some of the islands since last winter.  Currently, we’re out in the middle of the South Atlantic and we’ve seen albatrosses, petrels, charismatic mega-fauna (i.e. dolphins & whales) and some big waves!

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