Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Since we arrived at Rothera, things have been too busy to write.  They day we arrived at Rothera, the sun was shinning bright and everyone turned out to greet us.  The two twin otter planes also did a flyby to welcome us!  We stayed alongside Biscoe Warf for three days unloading cargo and preparing the scientific gear.  Then after all cargo was complete, we set sail for the scientific collecting cruise for 9 days.  Collecting has been intense, but rewarding.  There are two teams collecting around the clock.  The pelagic team pulls nets through to collect animals in the water column and the benthic team (me) pulls nets and trawls along the bottom to collect the animals that live there.

Don’t have much time to write… we’ll be back at Rothera on Thursday night and will have plenty of time to update then.  In the meantime…. Just some photos. 

Photo1: Rothera Station
Photo2: Welcome party up on point
Photo3: Twin otter fly over
Photo 4: Sea star

Photo 5: Adelie penguin
Photo 6: Brittle stars
Photo7: me + Steffi w/ trawl on aft deck
Photo8: Leopard seal

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