Monday, December 21, 2009

Around the point

Since yesterday was such a nice, sunny day, it was perfect for a stroll around the point.  A walk around the point from South Bay to North Bay takes about an hour (see map).  There are usually lots of seals and penguins to see and lots of ice and rocks to climb over.  Because the snow is starting to melt, you sink to about your knees while walking, which is fun at fist, but after awhile gets to be tiring.  Along with the melting snow and appearnce of rocks, we can now see many lichens.  Lichens are a composite organism consisting of a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae.  I particularly like the lichens and often find myselft slowly strolling amongst the rocks photographing what probably seems like the ground to those around me.  Lichens are really the only "plants" in the Antarctic and there are about 20ish different species of around Rothera.  They are quite colorful amongst the white, gray, and black colors commonly to the Antarctic.  Here are some photos from yesterday's walk. 
Photo1: lichens
Photo2: iceberg in North Bay
Photo3: sunny North Bay
Photo4: seal with an attitude
Photo5: view of Rothera from North Bay side

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