Monday, November 23, 2009

Crossing the Drake Passage

Today is day six of crossing the Drake Passage.  We have officially entered Antarctic waters, but are still about 100 miles from Elephant Island at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.  It is snowing and very, very cold! I think everyone is very excited to see land again! Once we reach Elephant Island, we have a five day sail down the peninsula to Rothera Station. The crossing is getting a bit monotonous.  Our science collecting doesn’t start until after we reach Rothera, so the days are currently filled with computer work and coffee/tea breaks on the monkey island. After dinner, people gather in the officer’s lounge (code word for bar) or watch a movie. Although the crossing is slow, the weather is definitely decent.  
No whale sightings yet, although hopefully as we get closer to land we’ll start to see some. No icebergs yet either, but there is still a fair amount of pack ice that hasn’t melted yet along the peninsula.  So it looks like we’ll be breaking through ice to get to Rothera! Currently, the only thing keeping us company: birds…. lots of albatrosses and petrels are following along with the course of the ship. 

Happy Birthday Grace!! Hope you have a great princess birthday!

Tidbit: I think an option for breakfast this morning was fried spam!?!? Apparently the British have taken a cue from Alabama!

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