Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anticipating the Antarctic...

Headed south again, this time with the British Antarctic Survey. Here's the run down of what my trip entails:

Nov 12. Depart Hotlanta.
Nov 13/14. Santiago, Chile.
Nov 14. Falkland Islands.
Nov 18. Depart on James Clark Ross (BAS research ship).
Nov 28. Arrive Rothera Station, Antarctica... 10 day research cruise, 3 week(ish) stay of processing collected samples, hiking, stumbling around w/ penguins, parties w/ British, skiing, etc.
Jan 6. Return to States.

As I get ready for this trip south, I'm filled with mixed feelings. Anticipation is high on the list. Going to the Antarctic is a trip of a lifetime... and I'm going again! Knowing that I get a chance to go back to the most amazing place on this planet fills me with excitement and energy. Even though I know what to expect, I know what a boat ride across the Drake Passage feels like, I know what to pack, and I've seen the megafauna and the landscape, I still am even more excited this time! I anticipate the moment I get to see the Antarctic mountains on the horizon after crossing the Drake again. I know this sight will for sure take my breath away again. When I stop and think about seeing such a magical place, I honestly get buzzed with excitement.

At the same time, I'm met with slight sadness... 56 days away from my family, friends, and home...missing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. I will definetly miss everyone while I'm gone!

Alright, I better run, tons to do before I get on the plane...Stay tunned for more blogs about my trip... I leave November 12th!

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  1. Spoke with Alexis today 11/14 she has boarded the Ross at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands. You can follow the ships movements by using the following link--http://www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/shipposition.phtml?call=ZDLP